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Stressed Out Seniors

Maddy Shmalo

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For those of you Seniors out there who are feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and over your head right now, you aren’t alone. There is no secret that this first month of being back at school has definitely been extremely stressful for those seniors who have been trying to balance, what feels to be twenty plus things all at once. What with college applications being number one on the list of many of our seniors, there comes athletics, school work, clubs and extra curriculars, college visits, college interviews, senior meetings, fundraisers, and on top of it all, trying to maintain an ounce of motivation to wake up in the morning and come to school only to be piled on with additional anxieties that come with being a high school student. Clearly, it is not easy and clearly we are not the first class to bare this incomprehensible load of responsibilities. When asked about how her Senior year has played out so far, Kristen Wiewel commented with the same response that many of our other Seniors have probably found over the past month. She said, “I think the most difficult part about being a Senior right now is trying to balance everything at once.” With work continuing to pile up week after week, it appears as though this year will just be one huge balancing act in itself.

After only being back in school for about five weeks now, it feels as though we’ve been in this routine for months. The fact of the matter is, for a majority of us, in a little less than twelve weeks from now, our stress with begin to subside. From their, Senior year will be a continued series of deadlines for projects and homeworks all leading up to the long awaited June fourteenth when we say goodbye to KHS. I guess that right now, there isn’t much else to do but to try and find a way to manage as best we can for these next few weeks. Take advantage of this long weekend coming up to tackle some of those responsibilities that are lingering over your head. Once you get those little things out of the way, that neverending master to do list will gradually reduce day by day.

So to all you stressed out Seniors out there who probably have that master to do list saved on their desktops that seems to trail on forever just like myself, I propose to you this; take it piece by piece. Don’t try to tackle everything all at once because that will only add to your anxiety, trust me. Take everything week by week, but only keep those important deadlines in view. Though it can sometimes be difficult, have a conversation with your teachers if you are struggling to manage with certain aspects. They should be there to help you, not to increase your stress level, especially during this crucial process in our lives right now. It’s important to not completely overwhelm yourself with all of this, so take some down time, to destress and deseniorize.


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Stressed Out Seniors