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The Top 10% of the Class of 2016

Ella Rumpf, Writer

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As summer approaches, so does graduation for the class of 2016. With graduation, also comes the release of the top ten percent of the class. This year, the group showcased 17 hardworking students including Steve Anastas, Stephanie Ayotte, Sydney Campbell, Amy Eckland, Olivia Ferrick, Ashley Kayser, Shae Kingston, Kristen Koch, Joelle Krause, Marshall Lowery, Lauren Ludwig, Mia Noble, William O’Neil, Carlton Robie, Kyra, Schwartzman, Julia Towne, and Isaac Vaccaro. Several were asked to answer the question: What is your favorite memory from your time at KHS?



Sydney Campbell: In history class junior year I would annoy Mr. Follansbee and my class by making stupid jokes about FDR and Stalin– no regrets.

Amy2015-3883 copy

Amy Eckland: Probably playing intense games of spoons with my advisory.


Olivia Ferrick: My favorite KHS memory was being the Class Marshal for my sister’s class last year with Carlton Robie.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.12.26 PM

Ashley Kayser: My favorite memory of my time here is when the Captains’ Club went to Boston and spent the day there. We went to the BPD and the DEA, which was pretty fun (and involved zero schoolwork).


Kristen Koch: My favorite memory from KHS is this past field hockey season because I got make friends that will last a lifetime while playing the sport that I love.


Joelle Krause: I would say my favorite memory from my time at KHS was from my senior year when I got to watch my teammates on our soccer team defeat the number 1 ranked Windham team in the quarter finals which took us to the semifinals making that the first time a Kennebunk girls soccer team has ever made it that far into playoffs. Seeing the happiness and amazement in their eyes is something I’ll never forget and something that I was so grateful to be a part of.


Mia Noble: I would have to say my favorite memory of KHS is spirit week (especially this year). I love the energy and the sense of togetherness my class has. I’m glad to have been a part of four fantastic airband performances!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 6.40.54 PM

William O’Neil: My favorite high school memory would probably be learning I was the Maine State AP Scholar last year. I’ve had a lot of great academic and athletic moments (i.e. scoring my first varsity goal in hockey), but the State Scholar award only goes to one male in the state and winning it Junior year was really awesome. It really made me feel like all the work I’d put in for three years in high school had a lasting result.


Kyra Schwartzman: My favorite memory from KHS is planning/organizing and participating in the School Spirit Challenge.


Julia Towne: I would have to say my favorite memory has been spirit week. I loved participating in volleyball and airband, and the assembly at the end never failed to exemplify just how spirited and talented the people in our school are. I looked forward to this every year and I will definitely miss it when I’m in college!


Isaac Vaccaro: My favorite memory at KHS is “running through the woods with coach Dinehart”


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