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Sophie Burchill, Creative Writing Editor

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What if glass didn’t shatter.

And the sea wasn’t controlled by the moon.

Would there still be a second available.

For mistakes.

Mistakes are ours.

And so is glass.

Yes, all of this glass.

Is ours.

The moon isn’t claimed by us, however.

But that doesn’t stop us from walking all over it.

What an achievement.

Claiming something.

That can’t be claimed.

Like the sea.

See there are many seas.

These seas are clouded, though.

With glass.

Shattered glass.

Don’t mind my feet in this sea.

See my feet will turn red.

Because this glass is ours.

And bloodshed for something that is ours.

Is okay.

But when something controls another.

And we don’t claim that something.

Who’s to say.

That the glass was ours to shatter.

In the first place?

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One Response to “Red”

  1. Annabel Doane on December 18th, 2017 11:55 am

    Wow! This is amazing and I love the secret meanings scattered through it!

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