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You told me I would be safe

You told me that you could free me

Of pain

Of the carnage left in each human’s footprints

You told me I was bigger than the time I’ve spent on this earth

That it’s just too small for me

You summoned this gentle deceit

Seemingly pure and white

But still I found myself at the bottom of the sea

To forget your blistering heat

You asked me what I would give for this

I told you everything

That’s what you took

Icarus would have warned me about you

About your pull

About how I could sink as quickly as I flew

About how I could be met both with ruthless incandescence

And icy water miles below

Yet still only see the beauty in your golden light

About how my lungs could fill with water

But I would only feel my heart

Saturated with windswept devotion

Full of ethereal love

About how I could spend an eternity buried at the bottom of the ocean

And be left with nothing but satisfaction

Nothing but the rapture of having once linked arms with the sun

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