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Rapid Meals at Rapid Rays

Taylor Roberts, Writer

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This week on reviews from Hangry Pants, Emilee and I went and visited Rapid Ray’s located in Saco, Maine. You can find this family owned business in downtown Saco, and it’s a perfect place to grab a bite to eat with friends. This fast food business leaves you feeling full, happy, and satisfied with your visit but while still being more personal than a drive thru. The atmosphere was friendly, and all of the employees are glad to spark up easy yet pleasant conversation. We both indulged ourselves in burgers, fries, sodas and enjoyed them to the last bite. While this is a great stop for small groups of teens to congregate, it would be difficult to make it a family event; inside of Rapid Rays, there is a standing counter– that might be too high for young children– but no tables. It’s not to say that it’s not kid friendly; you can still get your food to go and have a picnic with your kids in a park or inside your car. We appreciated how simple and straightforward the menu was; there were no complicated names to decipher that left you tongue tied when ordering your meal. It’s also a very inexpensive destination producing quality food for everyone to enjoy. Although the place is not very big, the layout inside is very open and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re standing on top of the person next to you. The service is really fast and makes your visit quick and painless. This is a plus if you’re in a rush and need a quick bite before a game, meeting, or social event. Another plus is that inside next to the window where you order your food they leave an ATM machine in case you need to take out money. This is great because it doesn’t leave you in a frenzy trying to make it to the bank before it closes.

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Rapid Meals at Rapid Rays