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Five Guys

Taylor Roberts and Emilee Swain, Staff Writers

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If you’re looking for a place to quench your hunger for a good burger. Stop looking, because five guys is the place to go. The burger restaurant has two locations to visit within the South Portland area. One is located a little bit after the mall, the other is found in the old port. Whether you’re on your own, out with friends, or on your way to or from a game you won’t be disappointed. Their food is well cooked, super filling, and easy to eat for those on the go.

The restaurant is family friendly and has been running since 1986. The restaurant specializes in making burger for it’s consumers meaning, it does not have the widest selection of different foods on it’s menu. This may be a red flag if you or someone you are taking out to eat is a picky eater. We would not recommend taking a vegetarian or vegan friend to the establishment solely because it’s a burger place and has limited non-meat options. The options for someone who is not a meat eater consist of a veggie sandwich, a cheese veggie sandwich, and a grilled cheese and of course their fries. Speaking of their fries you’re given two options for what type of fries you would want when purchasing your meal. The first type is the five guys style which is a boardwalk type of fries that are freshly cut and cooked twice. Before being handed over to you to enjoy. The fries outer part are cooked to be firm while when you take a bite the mashed potato inside breaks free. The Cajun style fries are another boardwalk type of fries that come instead with a heavy dose of spices on them that give your tongue a ride down flavor avenue.

Now if it’s your first time there you might have a little trouble with the five guys menu because it is not set up like most burger restaurant menus. A normal one patty burger would be ordered as a “little hamburger,” or “little cheeseburger”. Whereas their  regular Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers consists of two patties inside one bun. When ordering your burger you may tend to want toppings to add some more flavor to your burger. Five guys understands this and lets you indulge in as many of their toppings as you want for free. After you order your food and add your toppings to your burger you walk to the food pickup section and can watch your order being made. While you’re waiting for your food to be prepared, which isn’t very long, you can scan the open concept seating arrangement for a table. There are two different areas for seating one is a higher up section away from the grill and soda machines. The other is a floor ground area in front and to the side of the grill, giving you the ability to still watch the employees hard at work. We highly recommend stopping in and indulging in a five guys burger next time you make your way to Portland.

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Five Guys