50 year-old father moves to town, causing excitement among students at KHS

Ava Gaulkin, Pop Culture

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Patrick Dempsey, a successful actor in more than forty films, along with the hit television show, Grey’s Anatomy, was born and raised in Lewiston, Maine. After paying many unexpected visits to the Kennebunkport area, he has officially purchased a home, causing much excitement in the community (especially the teen population).

Now an official local, the 50 year-old father struggles to escape the constant adoration of his fans, along with the constant request of selfies. It is assumable Dempsey sought out for a home in our small community because of its beauty, his childhood, and for a greater chance of privacy. Southern Maine is not a place of allurement to the paparazzi, as his home in Malibu is.

As Dempsey chose his lifestyle, he knew what it would entail. Paparazzi invading privacy for the perfect picture, random people taking pictures as if you cannot tell, and endless amounts of fans wishing for a selfie with ‘Derek Sheppard’. Although he chose his career, it does not mean the situation is any less tedious, and it does not mean he deserves to be treated any different. As a small, and inviting community to people all over the world, the locals of Kennebunk/Kennebunkport should treat Dempsey the same as any other 50 year-old dad you see on the street. So rather than running up to him, causing a scene, simply say hello, or have a conversation with him that is worth his time. Your motivation to meet him should be because you are a fan, or interested in actually talking to him, not just that he is famous and you can get more likes on your instagram post.

KHS student, Chloe Smith, was lucky enough to meet Dempsey and get a chance to see who he really is, “My mom texted me that he was playing tennis at the River Club. I drove over right away because I’m a HUGE fan, but I waited for him to come over near us because I didn’t want to bug him,” says Smith, “He was super friendly and had a great attitude while meeting us [the small group around him].” She later explained their conversation, “I told him I was interested in medical study and he gave me a few tips! It was cool because he actually cared… He also was saying how before he started filming for ‘Grey’s’ he had a friend that was in med school, by the end of his time on the show, his friend had gone through med school and was now a doctor.” Smith politely asked for a picture to remember the moment, like any of us would do.

In reality he is a person, who has a successful career, in both acting and his avid love of race-car driving. He is an active father of three, coaching his son’s soccer team. He is a husband, a brother, and a son, just like any normal person. A career and wealth should not define someone. Personality, how they treat others, and their drive is what should. Dempsey is a perfect example of what hard work, and good character look like, and that is what people should take away from his presence, not the fact that he is famous.

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