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Which Glampage Fashion Icon Are You?

A quick and easy style quiz for anyone struggling with a fashion identity crisis!

Madison Harakles, Staff Writer

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The last edition to the Glampage, “What would Audrey Hepburn Do?” explored the fashion icons that inspire many of the trends described in this column. However, it may have left you wondering, who is your fashion icon? Are you a classy Audrey, stylish Rachel, or preppy Cher? If this question has left you in a clothing identity crisis, never fear! Take this style quiz to determine who your fashion match is, and get some tips on how to enhance your style.

Keeping it Casual: Would you wear…

  1. A plaid button down with jean shorts, and wedged sandals.
  2. A simple tee and a maxi skirt.
  3. A sweater over a collared blouse, and coordinating plaid pants.

Feelin’ Formal: Your go to dress is…

  1. A little black dress with dramatic pearl accessories.
  2. A long, fitted dress with a slit along one of your legs.
  3. Something form fitting and short, perhaps with a glamorous feather trimmed jacket.

First Day of School: You wow your classmates with…

  1. Striped trousers and ballet flats paired with a collared shirt and cardigan.
  2. A black skirt over black tights and boots with a high neck, short sleeved sweater.
  3. A matching set of a plaid skirt and jacket.

Prefered Patterns: You will match anything with…

  1. Stripes.
  2. Checker print.
  3. Plaid.

Favorite Footwear: The shoes that complete all of your outfits are…

  1. Ballet flats or kitten heels.
  2. Heeled boots or loafer pumps.
  3. Mary Jane pumps with knee high socks.

Most Adored Accessories: Your look is never complete without…

  1. Pearls, cat eye sunglasses, and a floppy hat.
  2. Dangling earrings, and a simple necklace.
  3. A headband and a “best friends” necklace.

Overall Style: You would describe your look as…

  1. Classic and elegant.
  2. Very 90’s flirty.
  3. Preppy but sassy.

Mostly A’s: Your fashion icon is Audrey Hepburn. Your look is classy and graceful with a touch of tomboy charm.

Image result for audrey hepburn fashion                     Image result for audrey hepburn casual style

Mostly B’s: Your fashion icon is Rachel Green. Always stylish and flirty, your look is the best of classic 90’s fashion.

Image result for rachel green green dress                            Image result for rachel green fashion

Mostly C’s: Your fashion icon is Cher Horowitz. Your high-end and preppy look makes a statement wherever you go.

Image result for cher horowitz outfits                           Image result for cher horowitz outfits

For more information on your fashion icon, and tips on how to enhance your newly found style, check out “What Would Audrey Hepburn Do?” at:

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Which Glampage Fashion Icon Are You?