Naturalization Ceremony at Middle School of the Kennebunks

Gabby Fogg, Staff Writer

The process to become a United States citizen is a long and tough one. A candidate must meet specific eligibility requirements, become a legal resident of the US, and then go through the naturalization process. For the third time, The Middle School of the Kennebunks will host the Naturalization Ceremony to welcome and celebrate Maine’s newest citizens on Friday, April 28th.


Naturalization is the process in which US citizenship is given to a foreign citizen after meeting certain criteria established by Congress. Prior to applying for citizenship one must: be a permanent US resident for at least 5 years, be able to read, write, and speak basic English, have a general understanding of US history, in addition to filing specific forms. While the procedure may be taxing, it is certainly rewarding for those who successfully qualify. Many people overseas travel to the United States in search for a better or new life. Now with newfound citizenship to the country, they are given opportunities and a lifestyle they may not have been able to experience before.


It can take months or even years for immigrants to finally be granted citizenship. The Middle School wants to commemorate the achievements of those who dedicated their time and effort into pursuing the rights of a US citizen. At the ceremony, students and those attending will witness the hopefuls take an oath of allegiance to the United States, after which they will officially become citizens. Sam Tartre, an eighth grader, is looking forward to attending the event because “it exposes us middle schoolers to the world and different cultures at a young age.”
In a world with seemingly constant distress, it is important to celebrate achievements. Moreover, holding this monumental event at the Middle School educates students about the citizenship process and opens their mind to a diverse society.

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