Letter From the Editors

Cole Cerabona and Evie Roop

Hey everyone, it’s Cole Cerabona and Evie Roop coming to you live from the editor’s desk (Carlson’s room) to let you know that this is our second edition of the Herd! This edition represents a bit of a diversion from our first edition, in that we are exploring mixed media and non-traditional forms of journalism. Please give a listen to our podcast, or take a look at the transcripts of the speeches from the walkout in March, and as always we look forward to reading your thoughts on our pieces. It’s been an exciting year working to create a new vision for The Herd, and we’d like to thank everyone that has taken part in it. If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch with either of us, Ms. Carlson or Ms. Egan, we’d love to have you next year.