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Drink Your Slime

Lucia Davis, Staff Writer

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I would like to address something that many people love, while others puke in their mouth when they see it. To everyone who drinks those green rushes from aroma joes, you are disgusting. I’m sorry but honestly why would you want to drink something that is bright green? It’s like someone put shrek in a blender and put it on pulse. Not only that, but those drinks have so much sugar, caffeine, and calories, if you’re rolling around in 5 years and don’t know why you’re diabetic then maybe it was because you were polluting yourself with that disgusting drink. And to everyone that walks into school with those every. Single. Day. Hunni, we’re all praying for your health. Aside from your health, every teacher in this school thinks less of you everytime you parade that vile thing around. But anyway, I don’t mean to sound mean. This is all out of consideration for your health and sanity.

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  1. Nicholas Desmarais on December 27th, 2018 11:42 am

    While i don’t personally drink these “disgusting” green rushes, I think this author needs to calm down. If you have to end your argument with “I don’t mean to sound mean”, you really sound mean. Especially when you insinuate that everyone who enjoys drinking energy drinks will end up with diabetes. I’m a little disheartened something so mean-spirited ended up getting published.

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Drink Your Slime