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Green Anaconda

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Green Anaconda

Elsa Molarsky, Staff Writer

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Eunectes murinus


The Green Anaconda is a large species of snake that lives in South America. It is the largest species of snake when measured by weight, some specimens weighing in at over 500 pounds. There is no data for it on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List as it is an elusive species and there is no possible way to count all wild specimens. These snakes are often killed because they take the livestock of the indigenous peoples and have been rumored to eat people. There has been no records of people consumed by anacondas but there have been many attacks on humans, but in these cases the anacondas have been overexposed to humans and have attacked in self defense. Sometimes the snakes will wander into villages where they are either killed or Rangers are called to catch and release them into remote locations.

The movie Anaconda, directed by Luis Llosa, does not help with its tainted reputation in any way. Anacondas are sometimes kept as pets, a feat one would not recommend unless the person adopting the anaconda has expert knowledge in snake handling and has the room to house a 25 foot long snake. Still, these are misunderstood animals. If you leave them alone, they will not bother you. If you see a wild Anaconda, just leave it alone and walk away. If it strikes, start running because they are slower than a turtle. If you see one and you’re both in the water, you are screwed. Please don’t provoke these animals and leave them be.

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Green Anaconda