Life in One Sad, Sad Poem

Annabel Doane, Media Manager

Being welcomed into this world is great.

You are innocent and unknowing, you find pride and joy in treating other kindly,

but at the same time are oblivious to stealing that toy.

As you enter the empty hallways of Awkward adolescence,

you meet new people, get your heart broken by your “boyfriend”,

and reach a high point in your middle school career.

Your body is thrown into the largely secluded locker that is nearing adulthood.

You lose a few strands of middle school, and you regret your mistakes.

You graduate your awkward past and enter the world that is…

Being a young adult.

Overdue Bills, Ramen rappers, and last night’s mistakes litter your floor

And you struggle to get in the work, which is getting your life together in 1500 words

You grab the diploma which seals your future and walk into your new responsibilities.

Working and working, on issues and relationships is what takes up your day

Before you cuddle with your new found hearts

Children run down the halls screaming and you feel a pang in your heart

Doctors appointments now take up your days and nights

The pain in your emotions is so intense

The grey hairs fall from your decaying brain.

“I love you.” Is the last thing you mutter before ending your cycle of life.