KHS Students Attend MIT Model UN Conference

Emma Cripps, Co-Editor in Chief

KHS sent a large delegation to the eleventh annual MIT Model United Nations Conference from Friday, February 8th through Sunday, February 10th. With nearly thirty delegates, we had one of the largest groups present. Students represented a vast array of countries on several different committees. Throughout the weekend, there were five committee sessions in which participants are evaluated on their performance as delegates by two chairs. The topics discussed are incredibly realistic and pertain to current real world problems. For example, students in the United Nations Environmental Program debated topics such as reaching net zero and developing sustainable infrastructure.

Several Kennebunk students received special recognition for their noteworthy participation in their committees. Two students received the award of Outstanding Delegate: Ethan Eickmann as the USSR on the Joint Crisis Committee and Emma Cripps as Russia on the U.N. Environmental Program. We also had several students receive honorable mentions: Julia Plaisted as Saudi Arabia on the Human Rights Council, Alice Hauser as the USA on the Joint Crisis Committee, Francesca Gargano as the People’s Republic of China on the U.N. Security Council. Finally, Ruth Metcalfe won Best Position Paper as Israel on DISEC.