Struggle, Stress and Tears; Is the Endeavor of Homework Really Worth it?

Michael Jarowicz, Staff Writer

Ever since homework was first introduced, and ever since the first kids rolled their eyes at a teacher assigning it, the question has come up: Should teachers give out less homework? The subject of homework is a polarized one that really is unique to every student. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about the issue, and everyone has taken a stance, whether drastically on either side or closer to the middle. makes the argument that kids already have 6-7 hours of school each day. The site states, “Most adults work similar lengths of time and come home exhausted.”  Why, then, are kids subjected to more work and stress out of school. This site also claims that with the homework and school hours, kids will not get the sun, exercise and social interactions their growing minds and bodies need. It is very crucial to have these things in their young lives. Author Alfie Kohn, in his book The Homework Myth, tells how there is no evidence supporting the fact that homework is beneficial to those not yet in high school, and the effects in high school are “debatable.”

According to The Washington Post, there is a positive correlation between time spent doing homework and standardized test scores (although standardized tests are often as controversial as homework). The effectiveness of it can “depend on the kind of homework students receive.” For instance, repetitive tasks and busy work should be cut out and replaced with problems that further understanding and help teach concepts. The homework given should be quality over quantity, focusing on the more important aspects of learning.

The argument for eliminating homework is complicated and too big a change for some traditionalists to handle. Revisions in the system, like personalized and more specific work would help many students in achieving higher grades, but completely thinning down or eliminating work assigned would not help anyone. Even though many people would like to change our education system, and change it does need, homework is still an essential part of learning, and likely won’t go away.