Silence Haters, Not Guns

Tyler Hurlburt, Opinion Contributor

Nobody is doubting the fact that guns increase the death toll in America. What people are doubting is the call for a solution. A lot of people argue that guns kill people, but this is untrue. Guns in the hands of a negligent person have the potential to kill people, but then again, so could many other things. This is why it is completely unreasonable to take guns away from people; because in many instances they actually save lives rather than end them.

As the Chicago Tribune reported, a woman that was about to get robbed, assaulted, and potentially killed stopped this all from happening because she is, by law, able to carry a registered firearm on her. With her firearm, she was able to prevent the man from harming her. Yes, you could argue that she doesn’t need to go to the extent of having a gun and that a knife or pepper spray would do just fine. But you have to think about the intimidation factor when a woman pulls out a gun versus pepper spray. The pure lethality of the gun is enough to scare off invaders.

There are around 330 million people in the United States. There are over 360 million guns in the U.S. How is a buyback system where the government uses taxpayer money to buy back 360 million guns? How will the government even begin to dent into that 360 million? Even once they begin to confiscate guns, all it does is make the black market and illegal purchasing of guns even broader than it already is. Regardless of if the government takes away guns or not, people will still be able to get their hands on them.

Then comes the idea that guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Now that the precedent is set, people can get their hands on guns regardless of their legal status. The people who are more likely to shoot up schools or other buildings, will be able to get their hands on a gun if they really want to, regardless if the government were to implement some sort of buyback or organized control and siege of guns.

Although not all Anti-Gun Control activists think alike, some of them will probably dispute the claim that a buyback system is what is needed to solve the gun problem in America. However, that is not the case and it is simply too unrealistic to expect of a government that doesn’t get a lot done as it is already.

If we, the citizens, don’t protect the 2nd Amendment by electing no on gun control, we are opening up an entire black market trade, which will increase illegal gun trafficking into the country. Nothing will stop a violent person who really wants to get their hands on a gun, regardless if it is illegal. Gun control is not the solution.

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