A Positive Outlook from Robbie Sanders

Robbie Sanders, Guest Writer

These are trying times, no doubt about it. From this global pandemic, there are missed graduations, proms, and rights of passage; everyone is sacrificing something. This sucks, but it sucks for everyone. Eventually, there will be a day when we can go outside, and be with one another again. Eventually, every restaurant will have at least a 2-hour wait, every concert or play will sell out, tourism will boom again, every high school sporting event will be packed and fans will be cheering louder than ever before, and we will be able to shake hands, hold hands, and hug one another again. In order for that day to come everyone needs to do their part, and stay home. We have all this wonderful technology, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and more that I do not know the name of nor do I know how to use properly. Let’s put all of that technology to good use! 

And to my seniors, my friends, we are all sad that graduation will not be the same as when our older siblings graduated, nor will it be the same as the last three classes we watched graduate. Is that really sad? Yes! I am just as sad as you are, but please remember that this is a global pandemic, this is not just Kennebunk, this is not just Maine. There are hundreds of thousands of high school seniors that are not getting their graduation or prom. Many schools have canceled graduation altogether. So please, appreciate that our teachers and administrators genuinely care about us and want to give us everything they can and make graduation as normal as possible. We do not know what the CDC will recommend for us on June 7th, but we will have some type of graduation that will involve caps & gowns, a well-earned diploma, friends, parents, and lots of loud cheering. There is so much about this global pandemic that is out of our control. I know it’s hard but we need to try to look on the bright side because that will help everybody. This also means that when we have a class reunion, people will actually show up and it will be a blast. 

We are in the middle of making history. Some day, we will all be able to tell our families about the time that we were quarantined. Enjoy this time, become closer with your families. Break out an old favorite board game, re-discover reading. Go for walks, runs, bike rides – all while maintaining at least a six-foot distance apart from others. When this is all over – and it will be – we will never take going to school for granted again, we will all appreciate our friends much more than we did before. Hopefully, people will be much kinder to one another. Remember that while spirit week and school may be canceled, friendships are not canceled, relationships are not canceled; hope and love are not canceled. We must stay at home right now and not be with friends, but we can be together while being apart. Everyone plays a role in this pandemic, we all need to do our part. But just keep thinking of the day when we can physically be together again because that will be a great day.