Xavier Pettis

Xavier Pettis, Class of 2021

I remember just a few days ago being given ideas and suggestions for this essay and taking the revisions into account, here goes nothing! When I think back on my 4 years of high school, I think of all the stories, tales, and sagas I am able to tell, as well as the experiences I have had over the years.

From freshman year, when I first discovered the high-frequency tone generator which allowed me to mimic the bell sound, working in the VEX Robotics group and prototype biped pair of legs out of VEX parts, gathering paperwork I needed to start my own company, and failing to raise 75,000 dollars in a week to buy materials to start building robots.

My sophomore year was when I really pursued the development of my company and developed the determination and perseverance to achieve my goals, no matter how difficult they were. It was also the year I discovered SRTC.

Junior year I got to go to SRTC. Through the program, I was able to develop CAD models, learn about laser cutting and 3d printing, build my product prototypes, along with experiencing quarantine with COVID and having the time to build a vast amount of prototypes.

For senior year, making a hybrid model was a clear highlight as well as returning to SRTC and hanging out with people there, getting Wednesdays off, getting further than I ever have in the development of my company, and growing altogether as a person who can and will do whatever they set their mind to. Also, as a last moment thing, hearing Mr. Smith say POGGERS. All these stories and experiences are just highlights of my four years at Kennebunk. These years have taught me more than academic information like the circumference of a circle, they have also allowed me to learn effectively and apply that knowledge to useful projects. Along with that, it has forced me to emerge from my shell and become more social and interact with others, which has definitely had a positive impact on me.

I have also discovered to really just view yourself as an unstoppable force-this mindset can allow you to achieve your goals. Even if it may take a while or you encounter roadblocks on the path to whatever your goal is, never stop working towards that goal and you’ll smash through the roadblocks. The only thing that can stop you, in the long run, is yourself, and sometimes you have to do what you know you’re capable of and not listen to anyone else.

My four years of high school have allowed me to go through a journey of self-discovery in building myself as a person and allowing myself to realize the only limits you have are self-inflicted or temporary. So I want to thank everyone who has helped me get there: from my teachers, friends, family, or just people who have in some small way have been on this journey with me.