The Herd

2020-2021 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Kaia WirthEditor-in-chiefSee Kaia Wirth's profile
See Kaia Wirth's profile
Emma HusseyStaff PhotographerSee Emma Hussey's profile
See Emma Hussey's profile
Finley FairfieldStaff WriterSee Finley Fairfield's profile
See Finley Fairfield's profile
Aiden Berg MacLeodStaff WriterSee Aiden Berg MacLeod's profile
See Aiden Berg MacLeod's profile
Ian MacDonaldStaff WriterSee Ian MacDonald's profile
See Ian MacDonald's profile
Annika BarstowStaff WriterSee Annika Barstow's profile
See Annika Barstow's profile
Ainsley MorrisonStaff WriterSee Ainsley Morrison's profile
See Ainsley Morrison's profile
Ruth MetcalfeStaff WriterSee Ruth Metcalfe's profile
See Ruth Metcalfe's profile
Annalise CowingStaff WriterSee Annalise Cowing's profile
See Annalise Cowing's profile
Seamus ConcannonStaff WriterSee Seamus Concannon's profile
See Seamus Concannon's profile
Leah WimpfheimerStaff WriterSee Leah Wimpfheimer's profile
See Leah Wimpfheimer's profile
Connor KeefeStaff WriterSee Connor Keefe's profile
See Connor Keefe's profile
Victoria LaddStaff WriterSee Victoria Ladd's profile
See Victoria Ladd's profile
Janelle PowellStaff WriterSee Janelle Powell's profile
See Janelle Powell's profile
Amelia DucaStaff WriterSee Amelia Duca's profile
See Amelia Duca's profile
Beth CarlsonAdvisorSee Beth Carlson's profile
See Beth Carlson's profile
Emily LongworthAdvisor See Emily Longworth's profile
See Emily Longworth's profile
Thomas JohnsCo-Head of DesignSee Thomas Johns's profile
See Thomas Johns's profile