The Herd

Advice to Underclassmen

Emily L’Heureux, Fiction and Satire Editor

May 14, 2020

I’m not here to pretend that I’m super mature or whatever. But thinking about how incredibly stupid I was for the first 3 years of high school makes me want to make sure that no one repeats even, like, 11% of my mistakes....

Pandemic Perspective

Brian Foisy, Editor in Chief

April 4, 2020

Perspective is important in everything. No situation can be accurately evaluated, no statement or conclusion made without first considering perspective. Perspective is important; perspective is everything.  Still, there a...

The Warriors are bad now?

Ellen Neale, Staff Writer

November 20, 2019

Despite the criticism that they faced, the Golden State Warriors ended the 2018-19 NBA season at the top of the Western Conference. They rebounded from injury after injury, with many of their top players consistently being unab...

Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Elliot Gere, Guest Writer

October 9, 2019

NCAA football is a lucrative business… an extremely lucrative business. A study by the Wall Street Journal estimated that in the 2018-2019 season alone, Division 1-A football brought in a revenue of $5.6 billion. To put tha...

Golf is Definitely Not a Sport: Fact

Cameron Fox, Sports Contributor

June 17, 2019

Can you really call dressing up for a nice occasion with fancy glasses, polo Ralph Lauren shirt, and beige or even white dress pants acceptable attire for competing in a sporting event? I think not lads. With growing n...

Is Golf A Sport? You Bet It Is!

Cal Montembeau, Sports Contributor

June 17, 2019

From hand-eye coordination to muscle memory, golf is one of the most challenging sports one can play. The status of golf in the sporting world was recently challenged when it was debated as to whether or not it should be included...

Land of the Free, for who?

Grant Kull, Opinion Contributor

June 12, 2019

When you hear that children are being separated from their parents and locked in cages for weeks at a time, you probably wouldn’t expect for that country to call themselves “the land of the free.” Since May 2018 the ...

Vaccines, A Necessity for the Future

Augustus Cote, Opinion Contributor

June 12, 2019

Measles, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, smallpox: these are some of the many contagious diseases that can infect you and those around you. In recent years, people have debated whether or not vaccines are safe for children ...

The Price of Prom

Brian Foisy, Staff Writer

May 6, 2019

America has a culture of doing out-of-the-ordinary things just because they’ve always been done. "It’s just the way it is," they say. Our daily life is filled with things that are the way they are because they always have ...

Trolling the SAT

Brian Foisy

April 24, 2019

I’m 17, so I’m in the eye of the storm right now as far as the college search process goes. Some parts are cool like when college advisors shake your hand and give you free stuff. I like that. But most of it is an insidious,...