Four-Eyed Fashion

Madison Harakles, Writer

The days of glasses being associated with nerds and geeks are finally over! Luckily for all you bespectacled beauties out there, glasses are one of the hottest trends right now. Sometimes it can be tricky to know how to do your makeup to best compliment your frames. Here are a few helpful tips to make you a four-eyed fashionista!

Foundation and Concealer: One pesky problem glasses wearers face is the buildup of foundation on the rims of the frames, and the little dents left in the makeup on your nose. To avoid this, try using a powder foundation and brush. Apply the powder everywhere else on your face, and use the small amount leftover on the brush for the bridge of your nose.

Between school, homework, clubs, and sports, many high school students suffer from dark circles or bags under the eyes from fatigue. Glasses can add to this problem by casting shadows on and around the eyes. To avoid this, apply a non-crease concealer over the problem area and blend well.

Brows: Glasses draw attention to your eyebrows, so it is essential that they stay well kempt. Pluck away any stray hairs and fill in thin areas with a brow pencil and brush to create full, shaped eyebrows that frame your face.

Eye Makeup: There are two important things to remember when applying eye makeup with glasses: 1) Glasses actually pull attention away from the eyes, so don’t get caught thinking eye makeup isn’t necessary. 2)  Frames cast shadows that can darken the area too much, especially if a lot of dark colors are used.

A good principle to follow when wearing eyeliner with glasses is to base the thickness of the top liner off the width of your frames. Apply a thinner line for wire frames and a thicker line for glasses with a chunkier frame. Avoid using too much bottom eyeliner because this can darken and accentuate circles under the eyes.

According to KHS senior and makeup expert, Mary Sachs, it is best to, “avoid a smoky eye,” when wearing glasses. This statement proves very true. Gray and black eyeshadow will emphasize the shadows cast by glasses, and your eyes can get lost behind the lenses. Try a lighter color to brighten the eyelids instead of darkening them.

One of the most annoying problems four-eyes run into is when mascara causes the eyelashes to brush against the lenses. In order to avoid this, try curling your eyelashes before applying mascara. This also causes your eyes to look brighter and more open. Limit the amount of mascara on the bottom eyelashes because this could also add to any shadows or dark circles.

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