Ask Bunky: How to Ace your Driver’s License Test

Dear Bunky,

My drivers test is coming up in a few weeks and I’m super nervous about failing. Do you have any advice on how I could calm my nerves before my test so I don’t fail?


Nervous New Driver


Dear Nervous New Driver,

             Everyone is always nervous for their first time, it’s a big step to take during teenage years. Don’t forget protection, always wear your seatbelt.  Most importantly, have confidence in yourself. You’ve been driving for almost a full year now with your parents, now it’s time to branch off on your own! Make sure you go over all of the controls with your parents so you know how to turn on your lights, etc. Double check to make sure all of the mirrors (rearview and side) have been adjusted to a place where you can comfortably see all of your surroundings. One way to practice for the test is to have a parent set up a pretend course to take you on. A good place to practice is an empty parking lot. Make sure they have to try left hand turns, switching lanes, stopping at stop signs, looking back when backing up and giving pedestrians the right amount of space as well as leaving a buffer between you and the car in front of you. When practicing the course make sure you practice parallel parking between two cars just incase when taking your test, the only space might be between two cars. A good place to practice is on park street because that is most likely where you will be taking a portion of your test. Always remember to occasionally check your mirrors just so you have a full feel for the road and the cars and people around you.

Good luck on your test! Have confidence!




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