Teacher Memories of the Graduating Class of 2016


As the school year comes to an end, not only does the graduating Class of 2016 reflect back on their four years at KHS, but the teachers reflect back on the time and memories they shared with these students.

Mrs. Rollerson:

“A significant memory I have of the senior class goes back to Art Foundations Block 4 Blue days. They were all rambunctious freshmen at the time and it was a full class of 18 students that included Jacob Gould. It took me about 30 seconds on day one to see that I had something pretty special going on in this class. Throughout the course of the year I saw countless examples of support and friendship extended toward Jacob. He had numerous absences due to his health and was always welcomed back warmly. Jacob loved to talk and engage his peers in conversation. In addition as a teacher who spent a great deal of time working one on one with Jacob, the others demonstrated such maturity and patience when they’d have to wait for me to help them. I found myself feeling such heartfelt appreciation for them; for their kindness toward Jacob and their patience for me, their often times frazzled teacher. I will always remember the good natured spirit and genuine HEART of the young people in that class.”


Mr. Daley:

“I’ll go down the hall and see seniors that have been hanging out in the same spot in the morning every day since freshman year. Kids come in freshman year and they find a place to hangout and they stick with it.”


Mr. O’Brien:

“Putting up Christmas lights with Carlton and Nate their sophomore year.”

“Jenna Kuun’s presentations in freshman physics were pretty memorable. She would get nervous and just laugh the whole time and make silly jokes.”

obrien (1)

Mr. Viola:

“Kyle Livermore would come into my study hall every day after gym class having fallen into or out of whatever he was supposed to be doing; off his bike, in the river, down the mountain. He was just always dirty and beat up.”

“Selling scarves was the worst fundraiser of all time, we were selling infinity scarves when they were freshman, it was our prelude fundraiser. It was a disaster. One day we only sold one.”

“Alec Barry falling in the 400.”

“It will be weird without them, they’ve been here the whole time I’ve been here.”


Mr. Belanger:

“When Ryan, Jesse and Trip took their shirts off and put their arms through their shorts and chased eachother around like T-Rex dinosaurs while the other players stood around and giggled and clapped.”



Mrs. Luetje:

“Gavin Baumler arrived only once on time and that’s because I requested him to do so because we were having a guest speaker. I was bowled over by the fact that he actually showed up and I was very happy.”

“Bo just blurts out random stuff, he’ll just blurt out random song lyrics. I’ll ask a question and there will be silence so he’ll just say some song lyrics that have nothing to do with anything.”

“Storm Madore and I got sassy new haircuts on the same day.”

“Carly Sandler and Talia Webber I think should get the award for never showing up for first block class or coming in late with dunks.”


Terri Baird:

“The onion situation during spirit week and all the streamers and the “swamp” they put over in gym C, that’s my memory. Not my favorite but the most memorable.”


Mrs. Roy:

“I remember sitting quietly in my room while these seniors were freshmen and attempted to work as a team to build tents with no instructions from me or any other means.  It was a Lord of the Flies moment. “

“I remember quietly walking up to Zach MacKinnon while he was munching on pretzels in class.  Without warning, I smashed them all for no reason. I did redeem myself by bringing him an entire bag the next class.”

“Freshman English Travon had started giving me a hard time. I shocked him, and most of the class, when I called him out.  He proceeded to give me the silent treatment for the next month.  With time, “the bad blood” between us worked itself out.”