Homecoming 2016


Just as the excitement for back to school comes to an end, homecoming is right around the corner. This year, homecoming will be the weekend of Saturday, September 24th! At 1:30, the homecoming parade will feature each class with their own float/trailer, with the seniors in a trolley. Homecoming royalty, along with baton twirlers, cheerleaders, and others will also parade through town, where the community comes together to see everyone show their school spirit. Senior Marran Oakman says, “I want to go all out in school spirit this year because it’s my last year.” She adds that she is “excited to ride in the trolley and go to the football game.” After all the sports teams play the majority of their games on their home fields throughout the week, the football team does the same at 3:00 Saturday afternoon following the parade. This year, the team will be facing a rivalry, York, for the big game. Justin Wiggins says his “personal favorite part about homecoming is the anticipation for the game as it is one of the most important games of the season.” He says that “homecoming weekend is all about coming together as a community” and he “feels confident in the ability of our team to win this game.”

Following the game, students will return back to the school at 7:00 for the most exciting part of the day, which is the homecoming dance, put on by the cheerleaders. Captain Hannah Dente says she is “looking forward to the dance and seeing everyone have a great time and appreciating the decorations and the theme, since this is most of the school’s favorite dance.” The gym and lobby will be set up according to the theme, which, this year, is Wizard of Oz. Dente adds that the cheerleaders also “set up the field for the game with balloon and streamers.” As a cheerleader, she thinks it’s “great having such an impact on an event.” Along with the rest of the faculty, Mr. O’Brien is “excited to see the student body have fun this weekend.”