Boo it Yourself: Frightening Fashion for this Halloween

Madison Harakles, Author

Every Halloween, children (and adults) of all ages get decked out in the kookiest and most creative costume they can think of. Unfortunately, due to recent events, clown costumes will NOT be a safe option this year. Certainly, this leaves many sad clowns costume-less this Halloween. For this reason, here is a list of booootiful do-it-yourself costume ideas, for any bad witches out there who need a little eerie inspiration.

Windup Doll:

Supplies- Dress (can be one you already own), cardboard, paper towel tube, gold paint, elastic, scissors, pencil

Step 1) On the cardboard, draw two circles overlapping each other by about ½ inch, so it looks like a venn diagram. Draw a smaller circle inside each of the original circles. This will be the bow of your windup key.

Step 2)  Cut two vertical slits beneath the two circles on either side of where the two meet to create a stem. NOTE: the stem will need to fit inside the paper towel tube.

Step 3) Cut out the bow and stem, and remove the inner circles.

Step 4) Paint the cardboard bow/stem and the paper towel tube with gold paint.

Step 5) Slide the stem into the toilet paper tube so that the bow sticks out the top. Cut off the bottom half of the tube.

Step 6) Cut a strand of elastic long enough to wrap around your waist. Make two slits in the sides of the tube, and string the elastic through.

Step 7) Put on your dress, and wrap the elastic around your waist.

Step 8) If a regular old doll isn’t freaky enough for you, use face paint or even fake blood to create the perfect creepy doll costume.

Beanie Baby: (For those who prefer cute over creepy)

Supplies: animal onesie, red construction paper, white paint, red or white ribbon, safety pin, scissors, pencil

Step 1)  Cut out a large heart using the red construction paper.

Step 2) Trace TY onto the center of the heart and fill it in with white paint.

Step 3) Cut a slit in top corner of heart and thread the ribbon through.

Step 4) Safety pin the ribbon to the front of your onesie.


Supplies: Twin size white sheet, gold ribbon, plastic snakes, gold jewelry, bobby pins

Step 1) Fold the sheet in half, wrap it around yourself from behind and twist the corners at your chest, leaving enough fabric to wrap comfortably around your neck and tie. NOTE: you will want to wear a tank top and leggings underneath in case of a possible wardrobe malfunction!

Step 2) Wrap the gold ribbon around your waist and tie in a knot leaving long strands dangling.

Step 3) Put your hair into two french or dutch braids and wrap them around the top of your head. Secure the braids with bobby pins.

Step 4) Use more bobby pins to pin the plastic snakes into the braids.

Step 5) Accessorize with any gold jewelry you already have.

Step 6) TIP: Do some fierce eye makeup to make your eyes as stony and majestic as Medusa.

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