Homecoming Recap

Homecoming came to an end a few weeks ago, but it was a huge success, so the excitement surely has not. Homecoming weekend is looked forward to by the students, teachers and the rest of the community. It has been a great way for students to show their school spirit and have fun with their friends by attending the events such as the parade, the football game, the dance and all of the games held at home by the other sports teams. This year, there was a fantastic turnout at both the parade and the football game, where many members of the community showed their support. Senior Marran Oakman says her favorite part was, “the parade, because we got to ride in the trolleys and get super hyped for the football game.” The Rams came out on top with a 24-21 win over Mt. Ararat at the football game. Senior football captain Andrew Bouchard feels that homecoming “was a great way to celebrate the win.” After the win, students were able to have fun and celebrate together at the homecoming dance, which is the most exciting part of the weekend for most. Senior Elizabeth Heikkenen “had a fun time dancing with friends.” Freshman Alaina Schatzabel says, “the dance was a lot of fun, overall it exceeded the expectations.” She “can’t wait to go back next year and the years after” and “loved the setup of the gym.” Schatzabel is “already looking forward to next year” after first homecoming. Homecoming weekend is one of the most exciting school wide events of the year and for seniors, this year was their last. Oakman reported, “I’m sad because my last homecoming is over, but I’m excited for homecoming in college and the rest of the events to come during senior year.” Heikkenen “was pretty bummed because it was my last and first homecoming, but I’m super glad I got to experience the phenomenon at least once.”