The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo

Book review: The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo

Lila Harakles, Staff Writer

Amy Schumer is the funniest New Money you will read about, who wants you to know, despite her growing fame and Emmys, she is as imperfect as ever. It is comforting to read about this self diagnosed introvert who has to hide in the bathroom at social events, and makes you feel good about your collection of childhood stuffed animals. Reading, “The Girl With The Lower-Back Tattoo” will teach you how to laugh at yourself and appreciate your quirks.
Schumer doesn’t spare any details from her teenage memories or the beginning of her road to fame. She divulges family issues, money issues, and watching your father get sick issues that not only humanizes rgis star but make your human side look okay too. However, do not mistake this book for a completely breezy read. Schumer wears her heart on her sleeve when telling somber stories about growing up with messages many teenagers need to hear.
This book is the perfect escape from busy high school life and piles of homework. You’ll get lost in Schumer’s anecdotes and essays, and don’t just take it from me, “The Girl With The Lower-Back Tattoo” is a New York Time’s Best Seller, and critics rave about the book.
“Amy Schumer’s book will make you love her even more. For a comedian of unbridled (and generally hilarious) causticity, Schumer has written a probing, confessional, unguarded, and, yes, majorly humanizing non-memoir, a book that trades less on sarcasm, and more on emotional resonance.” —Vogue

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