Humans of KHS

Mr. Hatfield

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Humans of KHS – Mr. Hatfield

“A number of experiences have shaped my perspectives, and I’m lucky to have lived in a number of vastly different communities. A very influential experience for me came when I was a senior in high school. I went to Cheverus, which has something called May Project for its seniors. Basically, seniors do a month of community service instead of going to classes. I worked at a Head Start in Portland and there was an end-of-the-year picnic for all the kids and their families. I had spent a month with the kids and really loved it. At the picnic, one of the young girls announced she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. Her dad’s response was that they just hoped she graduated from high school. That expected failure seemed an injustice to me, and certainly shaped my perspective about the achievement gap and why it exists.”

“My biggest struggle right now is adjusting to a new social environment. I’ve spent nearly 15 years out of the state, and now that I’ve returned “home,” I’m finding it isn’t as familiar as I thought it would be.”

“This football season was a special experience for me. I’ve worked for and with a lot of coaches in my career and taken a lot from them, and this year seeing how Coach Rafferty interacts with the kids and cares for them so genuinely has definitely shaped my view of coaching and my goals moving forward.”

Funniest moment: “Giant rabbits…really though, my biggest fear is traveling through life and not making any impact.”

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