Ask Bunky: Midterm Studying Tips


Dear Bunky,

I am getting stressed as midterms are approaching, do you have any tips on studying and  preparing for the tests?



Midterms can be a really stressful time, but there are some important things to remember and I have some helpful tips for you to get through it successfully!

  1. Time management

It´s crucial to not wait until the last minute to start studying for the tests that you have. To reduce stress, study in small amounts the week before midterms to make sure that the information is at least somewhat fresh in your memory given that some of it could be from September or October.  Senior Marran Oakman agrees and says, ¨I think time management is crucial all year long, not just for midterms. Especially if you have a busy schedule with sports and everything.¨

2. Get a study group together

Studying alone can be boring. Get some of your classmates together to study as a group to make it more fun and maybe even learn something you did not know before to prepare.

3. Go to bed early

Resting is important to performing well. Staying up too late studying is not a good idea, so make sure to get to sleep at a reasonable time before a test to get enough rest.

4. Eat breakfast

Taking an important test on an empty stomach won’t help in doing well. Eat a breakfast that will keep you full, for example, eggs or some type of protein. Also, bring a snack with you in case you get hungry to make sure you’re focused on the test and not being hungry.

5. Shut your phone off while studying

Everyone gets distracted by their phones when studying. Take an hour or so to shut your phone off and just focus on studying during this time to stay focused

6. Do yoga/exercise

To relax during and after midterms week, de-stress by doing some yoga or exercises to blow off some steam.