Ice Ice Baby

What you need to know about ice this winter.

Olivia Aiken + Kayla Gralia, staff writer+ photographer

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Ice is a hot topic these days, especially when everyone is falling for it (and not in a good way). The smooth killer is a danger to everyone; regardless of age, race, religion, or who you voted for in the presidential election. With the construction, the long trek into school from the parking lot has become an icy one.

¨What’s happening is the ice is melting off the athletic fields and the water travels down the cement barrier towards the crosswalk, where it freezes over again,¨ says Officer Carney. Officer Carney has seen firsthand just how dangerous the ice can be, as he is usually found directing traffic in the crosswalk where most of the falls occur. Officer Carney confirmed this, ¨I’ve seen a few near falls, and a few complete falls.¨ The hope is that once the temporary cement barrier is removed, the ice build up will become less of a problem. Until then, students should practice their penguin waddles or get lessons from the hockey team in order to prevent dangerous falls on the ice.

Ice is not just striking Kennebunk High School, but all over town. Junior, Will Blastos, fell victim to the frozen water when leaving his job at Starbucks. According to him, the slope down to the employee parking lot is a slippery one, and the ice flattened him in seconds. ¨My leg was behind me and my ankle was the opposite way, so I sprained my knee and my ankle, which sucked,¨ Blastos recalls. The threat of ice is a cold and cruel one, and not to be taken lightly.

Another prey of the ice was community member, Karen Gralia. Gralia was attempting to get out of her car and into her house when she lost balance on the ice. ¨One minute I’m standing up and the next minute I’m on the ground,¨ Gralia recalled. ¨The next day I had two huge bruises on my elbows, a headache, and my back was a little sore, but luckily nothing was broken and I survived.¨ In all seriousness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 17,000 people die as a result of falling on the ice every year, so it is important to be cautious on the ice.

More dangerous than walking on ice is driving on it. Living in beautiful, cold Maine there is plenty of ice on the roads. With high schoolers being new drivers, it is important to drive safely in the winter time. Officer Carney gave some tips for staying safe on the roads; ¨Go slow, wear your seatbelt, make gradual turns, don’t make quick, decisive moves, and give plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.¨ It is not worth it to rush somewhere in dangerous conditions. You are better off late than getting into a serious accident.

Although ice allows for many fun winter activities, it can be a menace. It is important to be aware of your surroundings, that way you don’t end up ¨lying on the cold hard ground,¨ to quote Taylor Swift. Stay safe this winter.


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