Kennebunk Ski Team’s First Race

The racers brace a cold night on the mountain as their season kicks off.

Ava Gaulkin, Staff Writer

Kennebunk High School’s Varsity Ski Team had their very first race of the season last thursday, January 5th. The race took place at Shawnee Peak Mountain in Bridgton, Maine. Not only was this their first race of the season, but it was their first time on the mountain as a team for this years season. However this did not stop Kennebunk from a successful giant slalom(GS) race. Prior to this, the team took part in ‘dry-land’ workouts at the Fitness Nuthouse, in Kennebunk, Maine. Here the forty members of the team worked on their endurance and agility, in hopes it would contribute to a faster time during their races; and this seemed quite successful after the first race.

Junior and racer of three years, Ava Haritos stated, “The first race went very, very well!” She continued saying, “our boys team looks like they will continue to have a very successful season thanks to freshmen racers Hayden Trufant and Nick Teguis!”

Senior captain Lydia Corcoran placed highest for Kennebunk in the GS race by placing fifth for the girls team. After three previous years of success, along with improvement that was shown this past Thursday, it is expected that she will continue to place in the top five and higher for the rest of the season. It is looking like Kennebunks Ski Team will be performing very well over the next month, leading up to February vacation when the States meet will take place.

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