Bomb Bomber Jackets

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Bomb Bomber Jackets

Lila Harakles, Column Editor

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It’s that season that calls for warmth and layers to keep you stylish through the snow storms, and there is snow better way to do that than to wear a bomber jacket. Bomber jackets have made a huge appearance in modern style from GiGi Hadid to Kylie Jenner, and on the New York fashion week catwalk. It is that perfect piece you can throw over a mini dress or pair with mom jeans and a T-shirt.
As spring approaches and you start to bring in the pastels and light dresses don’t leave your bomber jacket behind because they are trending for next season too. Spring bomber jackets will be big and come in a variety of colors. Forever 21 is a great spot for spring bombers; the store carries them in pink, blue, green, teal, floral, orange and nearly endless more colors and patterns for the upcoming sunny season.
I talked to former Glampage writer Madison Harakles, and asked her for tips on incorporating bomber jackets into daily style. “Oh, it’s easy” she said, “just take that sleeveless dress you thought you had to wait for summer to wear, pair it with a bomber, and you can brave the winter and slide into spring.”
Although bomber jackets are a huge teen trend, don’t be fooled, there is no age restriction to this savvy style. One year old Luna Bagley rocks her Doctor Seuss bomber jacket with purple sunglasses and pink leggings. Seventy-One year old Christine Dill, more widely known as Gamma, wears her silver bomber jacket with a bright colored top, jeans, and beachy waves. Finally, I, sixteen year old fashion writer Lila Harakles, wore a bomber jacket last weekend to a concert with a T-shirt dress and Vans.

My bomber jacket look from Sunday’s Panic at the Disco Concert.

One year old, Luna Bagely, rules the playground with her Doctor Seuss bomber jacket.

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