You Can’t Park With Us

Students no longer allowed to park in front lots

Marran Oakman, Staff Writer

Students who try to avoid the trek from the back parking lot to the school found an answer to their problem: parking out front. Recently, the KHS staff have been calling students down to the office to move their cars, but why? I have the answers for you.

In the beginning of the year, students were allowed to park in the front dirt lot (nearest to the road). When the construction went into full swing, the number of workers on site tripled, according to Mr. Lewia. The construction workers needed more space to park, so the school designated the front dirt lot to them. As of right now, the only people that are granted permission to park in the front of the school are teachers, construction workers, and students who take YCCC courses who have limited travel time. If students continue to park in the front, the construction workers, visitors and teachers will be left without a spot.
There are no consequences for parking out front at the moment (other than the embarrassment of being called out of class to move your car). Mr. Lewia says there have been a few phone calls to parents of students who have made parking out front a habit.

Junior Cole Hoffman says he parks in the front lot because “it is much more convenient. It saves me time when I’m running late and I don’t have to go out back and find parking then walk all the way in.” There are other reasons students choose to park in the front lots, for example Senior Grace Mastrangelo who says, “I have late arrival and senior release, so sometimes I’m only at school for a couple of hours. It’s nice to get in and out of the school quickly without walking all the way to the back”.

Ironically, next year the prime parking spots at KHS will be in the back parking lot. The main entrance to the school will be only steps from the lot in the back of the school. If you’re a student and you’re tired of walking from the back parking lot to class, don’t worry, you only have four months left!