2016-2017 Ski Season in Review

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2016-2017 Ski Season in Review

Louise Holway, Senior Editor/Staff Writer

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Although Maine winters are known for their brutally cold days and treacherous snowstorms, many Mainers embrace the winter months by hitting the slopes at ski resorts across Maine. As the warmer weather rolls in, many are trading in their skis for beach chairs with another successful ski season under their belt. Here are some of the highlights of the 2016-2017 ski season.

The warmer late-fall, early-winter months delayed the start of the season. One of the largest ski resorts in Maine, Sunday River, felt the effects, but not for long. Director of Communications, Darcy Lambert, describes the beginning winter months. “Other than not being able to open before Halloween, like we have been able to do in years past, the start of this year was not terribly different than years past. We had good, low temperatures leading into vacation periods like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and made a ton of snow.” This base of man-made snow and the snowfall in late December groomed the way for a busy start to the New Year.

Not only did the ski resorts thrive this winter, senior captain of the KHS ski team, Lydia Corcoran, also had an incredibly successful ski season. At the Western Maine Conference Championship, Corcoran placed 6th in  the GS and 6th in the Slalom. At States, she finished 7th in the Slalom. At the Eastern Qualifier, Shootouts, she placed 15th.

During the warmer months, her and the team trained at Fitness Nuthouse. “It was all in preparation for the season ahead. Actual skiing started January 5th, which was out first meet at Shawnee Peak. We had races throughout January and February.”

In agreement with Lambert, Corcoran thinks the January months had the best conditions due to the multiple snowstorms leading up to the New Year. However, “the worst conditions were when we got tons of snow. Powder doesn’t mix well with sharp race skis,” states Corcoran.

If you haven’t got your fix of skiing in yet, various mountains are still open for spring skiing. Sunday River still has 101 trails open, so make the hike and take advantage of all the winter sports Maine has to offer!


Photo Source: Brewsters Photos

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