How to make prom shopping picture perfect

Make your prom shopping super fun with these easy tips:

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How to make prom shopping picture perfect

Lila Harakles, Column Editor

Tip 1: Size doesn’t matter

For a voluptuous woman like myself, deciphering the size spectrum was frustrating and awkward in Sherri Hill boutiques. Dress sizes can be tricky and often very discouraging. It is important to remember that not all designers and brands go by the same size charts. For example, if you are trying on a Sherri Hill dress, try a size three numbers up from your normal dress size. This designer’s dresses run very small, but are still very beautiful. I highly suggest an appointment at David’s Bridal or any other large dress store. Stores like David’s are apt to have a large range of sizes and styles to fit and compliment every body type. My experience at David’s Bridal was fun, easy and tear free. You get one on one assistance with a stylist and all of the other women trying on dresses are happy to chime in with compliments. The take away with this tip: don’t stress over the number on the tag, and if you are struggling with sizes in prom boutiques, try a larger store.

After no luck at a small prom boutique, I made an appointment at David’s Bridal and stocked my dressing room full of dresses that I felt like a princess in.

Tip 2: Bring a positive entourage

Energetic, positive people make the best shopping companions. Honesty is another important quality of a good shopping partner. Bring a group of close friends or family members that are as excited about finding you a dress as you are and are ready to be uplifting and opinionated. If you are nervous to dress shop, go at the same time as friend so you can experience it together.


Tip 3: Always check the Instagram, and post your dress right away

To make sure you, and all of your peers have the most positive prom experience possible, PLEASE check the prom dress Instagram page to make sure you are not duplicating somebody’s dress. If you are not already following the account follow the username, khspromdresses2017. Even if you do not mind wearing the same dress as one of your peers, you must remember it might hurt somebody’s feelings. Also, don’t forget to DM the account right away to reserve your dress for your special day. After a few dress duplications the prom committee posted, “I just wanted to remind everyone to check the account to make sure someone doesn’t have the same dress!” So before you check out and buy a non-returnable dress, quickly browse the page.


Tip 4: Wear something that makes you feel beautiful 

Whether that means you are in something short, poofy, hot pink, bedazzled, black, white, tight or flared, the most important thing is that you love yourself in your prom dress. There are no unspoken rules of prom. Do not listen to anybody saying that there is such a thing as too poofy or a body too curvy for a tight dress. These are absolute myths and must not be taken with you to the dressing room. No matter who you are apple, pear, banana, sea cucumber, there is a prom dress out there waiting for you to fall in love with it! The first step to finding is it to get out there and shop.

My booty-ful sister rocking a tight bright floral dress!


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