Humans of KHS: Leah Payne

A look inside of one Kennebunk High School’s budding artists.

Elizabeth Heikkinen, Staff Writer

As the winner of most artistic for the senior class, Leah Payne is viewed by the school and the community as a true artist. Some would say that art runs in Leah’s blood because her mom is a professional artist. Since starting at Kennebunk High School her freshman year, Leah has been able to showcase her art at the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk twice.

Leah’s work has been presented in a few different places throughout her career. Along with the Brick Store Museum, she has also showcased her artwork at the Rivertree in Kennebunkport and MECA in Portland.

Leah says that Maine College of Art, also known as MECA, was her favorite place to showcase thus far in her career. “MECA was my favorite to showcase because I won a few awards for the pieces that I was showcasing. I entered the scholastic art and writing competition and I won two honorable mentions as well as a silver key for an individual piece and a silver key folio award.”

This years Brick Store Museum showcase is a showing of Kennebunk High School Student’s art work. “Anyone who is in an art class is able to put something in the show.” Leah’s work was alongside many of her classmates, but she was able to choose three pieces rather than just one.

Leah’s decision of which pieces to showcase was an easy one, she said. “One of them I did not know was going to be there. Ms Mooney, my art teacher, just put it in because she thought it would show well. Another one was picked because it was the only thing finished for the honors portfolio class. The final one was from my AP art class and it was my favorite piece that I have done.”

Leah plans “to go to art school at Massachusetts College of Art.” She hopes to major in illustration; however, she is not completely sure and is staying weighing her options.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Leah’s work in the future and maybe one day you will be able to say “I went to school with her!”

Leah Payne
Leah’s artwork showcased at the Brick Store Musuem
Leah payne
Leah’s artwork showcased at the Brickstore Museum