Mr. KHS Preview

Kylie Rossborough, Staff Writer

The overwhelming end of year rush that tends to hit right around this time causes tensions to spike all throughout Kennebunk High School. Along with this rush, however, comes several events that break up the week and give students some time to forget the stressful aspects of school and enjoy a simpler side of it. One of of the most highly anticipated events of the end of the year is Mr. KHS, which will be taking place on Thursday, May 4th.

For those who aren’t familiar with this event, the only way to truly understand all it entails is to go and experience it for yourself. Essentially Mr. KHS is a “beauty pageant”, if you will, for guys in the senior class. Each contestant participates in five different events. These include a group number, formal wear, casual wear, a talent portion and a question round. Following the talent portion is a brief intermission where the audience votes for five contestants to move onto the final round. Following the question round is a final vote and then the winner is announced.

Here are your 2017 Mr. KHS contestants:

Jack Kiley

Kyle Ryan

Nathan Ladd

Riley Small

Eli Clark

Jared Dyer

Chase Washburn

Robert Davis

Colin Yates

Spencer Desrochers

Justin Wiggins

Logan Zandri

Matthew Albaum

Simon Butterfield

Lucas Marquis

Bronson Welch-Thompson

Pat Saunders

Garrett Trufant

Jon Rimmer

Casey Schatzabel


Who do you think will take it all this year? Make sure to head over to KES next Thursday, May 4th at 7pm to find out!

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