Prom Preview

Your insight to what to do and what not to do for prom

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Prom Preview

Prom pictures at the Beach

Prom pictures at the Beach

Prom pictures at the Beach

Prom pictures at the Beach

Allie Ferrick, Staff Writer

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Prom season is upon us with only a week away. , and that means it’s crunch time to make sure everything is done before May 6th. Prom takes place at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport from 7 – 11 p.m.. Every year, it is tradition to go to the beach and take pictures before heading over. Here are few do’s and don’ts to avoid common mistakes.


Do: Start looking for a dress ahead of time. Looking far in advance it helpful so you don’t run into any issues. If you decide to order one online, you want to be careful and check the return policy. If you end up wanting to return it, you may need to pay half of what you bought it for in order to send it back. Make sure you are comfortable in your dress and are able to move around well in it, so you can dance.


Don’t: Wait until last minute to start looking because you could run into several problems with sizing, hemming and zipper breakage.


Do: Make sure you find comfortable shoes that you can walk around in while taking pictures and arriving to the Nonantum, especially if you don’t want to take them off.


Don’t: If you can’t walk in your shoes, then you could step on your dress or tear a hole in it, and who wants that?!


Do: Have fun, make sure you know that you will enjoy it with your date or even with a group of friends.


Don’t: If you are worried about not having a good time with your date, either get to know them better before or go with someone who you know you’ll have a good time with.


Do: If you’re planning on riding in style, whether it’s on a Seashore Trolley, Limousine or a Party Bus, make sure you call ahead of time before they run out. Keep in mind that you might have prom at the same time as another school.


Do: If you need to make any appointments, you’ll want to schedule them well in advanced.


Don’t:  If you don’t call ahead of time, then you will have less flexibility due to the times they have open. It can’t hurt to call even before you think is a good time.


Do: If you’re planning on using a camera to take pictures with, charge it the night before and check to make sure that it is ready to go.


Don’t: Spend time while you’re there looking through all the photos you’ve taken until after it’s over. You only have the chance to go to prom twice, so you are guaranteed to have a fun time if you make the most of it. Junior Meg Stevens, said “don’t forget to have fun.”


As the weather in past few years have all been cloudy and rainy, this year we’re keeping our fingers crossed for nice and sunny weather. Stevens also said, “I’m looking forward to having everyone over before hand for prom.”


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