Summer Style: Rompers

Lila Harakles, Column Editor

Romp into summer this year with this new lazy girl trend. Who wouldn’t want to save a few minutes of their sunny day by putting their shirt and shorts on at the same time? Try out a romper this summer for an easy breezy warm weather look. Bonus, rompers are all the glamour of wearing a sundress but you can safely bend down in them and never have to worry about small children running between your legs. These are the reasons I turned to rompers this year.

My fellow fashionista friend, Taylor Roberts, commented, “I like rompers because they are so easy. You don’t really have to think about your outfit. Just pull it on and go!” Roberts raises a great point about rompers. They are the perfect solution for that early morning summer job you’re too tired to get dressed for. Who doesn’t want a one step look that is effortlessly fashionable?
Finding the perfect shoes for your romper is just as easy as putting one on. Pair a floral romper with strappy sandals or pastel Vans. Pair a solid colored romper with patterned shoes; I recommend Toms. Rompers don’t demand too much accessorizing, but you can always pull out that floppy summer hat to top off your look.


Photo Courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer
This adorable pink and green floral romper from Lilly Pulitzer is a favorite of mine.

Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters
This white lace romper with go perfectly with 90 degree weather.

Photo Courtesy of Tobi
Stripes are just as in as rompers this season so why not pair them up for the perfect trendy duo


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