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On a Tin Roof

Emily L'Heureux, Staff Writer

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rain was chaos.

unorganized and unchanging.

torrents that fell with no education or acknowledgement.

rain was a rhythm.

it was self doubt.

it was a curious phenomenon i kept my eye on when i was alone.

rain was a melody.

it was all release, no tension, and smooth sailing.

it was simple and captivating.

rain was a waltz.

it was more ups than downs.

it was dancing and free flowing and feeling on top of the world.

rain was pure dissonance.

it was lies and deception to others, to myself.

it was lightning and thunder and a whirlwind.

it was dark and blinding.

it was whatever anyone wanted it to be.

it was nothing i wanted it to be.

it made me long for chaos.

rain was a symphony.

it was knowing that the storm would pass.

it was complex and soaring.

it was lulls and crescendos.

it was learning to love dissonance and finding beauty in tension.

it was enjoying the feeling of flying with the horizon but recognizing the tranquility in having feet planted among the trees.

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