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Corinna Rec, Guest Writer

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I was sure I opened my eyes, I still couldn’t see anything. I stumbled, unsure of where I was, wanting to get a grasp of something, but my arms just swung around in air. I walked backwards to find a wall but instead I hit something just as tall as me. It let out an “ack” and I squeaked in fear. I ran to the other side of this dark space but hit the other wall too quickly. My breath left my lungs, but quickly rushed back.

It spoke.


Oh it was a they not it. The lighter voice spoke again.

“What happened?”

No idea.

“Do you have a name.”

“Yes. Trinity Classe.”

Hate that name.

“Do you have any idea where we are? Or how we got here?”


“Please, answer me, I’m so scared. I hate the dark.”


She turns on her phone. Big mistake.

The light shows her face. Bigger mistake.

Then she turns that dreadful light toward me. Fatal mistake.

I rush at her.


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