Forrest Robie, Guest Writer

Time does not stop for anyone. It is always moving, constantly ticking, unconsciously pressuring you to do more, and to do more quickly. I believe that life is not too short. I believe that you simply do not do enough. Unless you are open to opportunities, your life will be too short.

We don’t get younger and neither does time. We are required to pay people money every month. We are required to keep track of our money so we don’t lose it all. We need to talk to different people that we don’t necessarily know or like, and we need to go places on our own, often for purpose over please. We get old over time, and we get grumpy and slow. We have to do more things, adult stuff. We have to work, a lot, and we have to take care of things. We have to feed ourselves. We must live alone. That’s scary.

My approach? I don’t think about it much. I just let it happen. If I’m prepared, I’m prepared. I don’t prepare everything, I just do everything because I should, I must, and over time, it prepares me.

Not being prepared gives way to the randomness of success, the possibility of success. That ties in with letting it happen and just going with the flow. Picture this: you have a flow chart and in the middle is “going with the flow”. Off to the right, on an equal level is not preparing. That takes us back to the flow, and the flow results in different opportunities, stuff you haven’t done before. The different opportunities either result in exciting unpredictability or a setback. The result of a setback is to prepare for the next success. What gets you into the flow is being comfortable and happy.

You can’t change the past, because time is always moving. I don’t like to say that life’s short. When you prepare less, you end up going with the flow, and it leads you to different opportunities, and with those different opportunities you do more. That’s where you do all your work, at those opportunities, and they bring the most fun. These types of opportunities force you to prepare for more. Life’s not too short if you go with the flow. To do more means you have to do less.

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