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Three Little Birds

Sarah Durham, Staff Writer

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The blue jay nests

In a far away tree

For he has no choice

But to disagree

He has done a bitter wrong


The mockingbird nests peacefully

In the garden,

where happiness grows

Where he is safe.


The finch nests in the nearby tree

a giving tree,

leaving her presents

And little surprises.


The finch admires the garden

Plenty of places to hide

And play

She admired the mockingbird

His kind tone

And the garden where he nests


There was a fire

In the garden

Where happiness grew

Where the mockingbird nested

And the finch would play


The fire burned for miles.

The tree was gone

And so was the garden

All that was left

Was the faraway tree


The faraway tree

Where the bluejay nested

That no bird admired


His tone was rough

His song never sweet

The only thing left

Was his faraway tree.


“Get out of my tree”

He said with a tone

A tone so awful the finch

Wanted to go home


The bluejay blamed the mockingbird

He started this all

But the mockingbird had done nothing at all


The mockingbird could not

His wings were cut

Unable to fly

Incapable of starting a fire which ruined it all


The old tree knew

Who started the flame


The Bluejay continued

Would not give up

Until the mockingbird

Was raided by death


The bluejay knew

It was a sin to kill a mockingbird.


The faraway tree had seen

What the blue jay had done

Indirectly killed the mockingbird.


He started the fire

to get his way

Prove him wrong

He wanted to say


The faraway tree knew

When he attacked

The innocent finch


The finch had done nothing

No wrong, no harm

But was a hurdle

To the bluejay

In proving his point.


He attacked the finch

Sharp blade at wing

Planning to murder the innocent thing


The tree saw this happening

Mid swing, he took out the bluejay

Before he could win.

The finch ran home

As fast as ever

But one thing she knew,

She’d broken a feather.

The tree escorted her

So that she’d get better.


The jay had gotten payback

Karma, not good

An innocent killed by the guilty

For a wrongly accused crime

Let the dead bury the dead this time.

Let the dead bury the dead.

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Three Little Birds