Allison Rickert wins Poetry Out Loud 2018!


Sophie Burchill

Sarah Durham, Staff Writer

On December 17th students and staff gathered in the auditorium to watch Poetry Out Loud, a national poetry recitation contest. Students start in a classroom level competition, and the winner from each class makes their way to the school-wide competition. In total, seventeen students competed at the schoolwide level that our beloved Brian Foisy hosted. Each student presented two poems and was scored in many different categories, such as accuracy and physical presence. This year’s winner was Allison Rickert, a senior who will now advance to the regional competition in February. The other contestants were: Jason Albaum, Adelin Barstow, Kiara Davis, Finley Fairfield, Bella Genest, Lily Hansen, Elle Lockard, Daniel Macolini, Lily Kirn McMahon, Hannah Mereness, Abigail Nolette, Hannah Rickert, Julia Plaisted, Nina Sharp, Will Smith, and Anna York.