A Series of Celtics Haikus

Here is a series of Haikus I wrote expressing my disapproval of the 2018/19 Boston Celtics season:


Why is this so bad?

They all said it would be good

Guess First Take was wrong


After every game,

Kyrie Irving’s mouthing off

Wish he would shut up.


Phoenix is tanking

Lost to them in December

That one was real sad


Played some Cali games

Thought the plane ride fixed ‘em good

Wrong on that one too


Kyrie might leave now

Go with KD to New York

Have fun playing ball


Lakers are real bad

LeBron is in Space Jam 2

Ha ha ha ha ha


Hayward almost died

Now his ankle’s fine, I guess

Sometimes plays decent


This is the last one

Hope we turn this year around

Winning would be nice


That will conclude my series of Haikus.