Meet Mr. Bush

This fall, many students at Kennebunk High School may see a familiar face in the hallway or in their gym class. Mr. Bush, who was previously one of the gym teachers at the Middle School of the Kennebunks, will be joining the high school this year as the new gym teacher. When asked how he felt about seeing former students from the middle school as high schoolers, Mr. Bush stated that he is “looking forward to reconnecting with former students. It will be interesting to see and hear the changes that have happened since I last saw them.” He also said that he’s “hoping the biggest change” between teaching middle school versus high school “is that [he] ha[s] a more mature audience.” As for what he’s looking forward to this year, Mr. Bush wants his students “to get enjoyment out of moving. I have always wanted to give my students as much variety as I could and now being here at KHS I feel I can do [that] even more now.” Because of this, Mr. Bush claims to be “very excited about the curriculum. They have created a lot of great things for students to do and [he] cannot wait to be a part of it.” When asked about his plans for teaching both online and in person due to the global Covid-19 crisis, Mr. Bush said, “It is my hope that we can do everything in person.” 

Even though he has had a long career as a teacher and coach, Mr. Bush stated that if he wasn’t a teacher he would most likely be in construction. When asked about it he said, “I love to build. Before I decided to teach, I worked building houses. I just finished a camp up in Rangeley, Maine, this summer for my family.” Seeing as “this will be [Mr. Bush’s] 32nd year teaching”, it seems that construction has taken the back burner, but teams such as the football and womens’ lacrosse teams here at Kennebunk High School, has taken its place. When asked what his favorite sport to coach was, he said, “When I was growing up my favorite sport was whatever season it was. I still feel that way with coaching. In the fall there is nothing better than a Friday night football game and I love being part of that. Then in the spring I coach girls lacrosse and I love being involved with that as well. They create two very different approaches for me and I appreciate both.” Despite that he currently coaches lacrosse and football, when asked what his favorite sports to play are, Mr. Bush told us that “When in high school my favorite sport was baseball although when I moved on to college I played football.” 

Being a gym teacher and coach, Mr. Bush was sure to have some way to pump up his players before playing. When asked what he listens to before games, Mr. Bush replied with, “Any AC/DC or Metallica.” Clearly, based on both Mr. Bush’s playlist and his attitude towards teaching his students, Kennebunk High School is thrilled to welcome his enthusiastic attitude to our school.