Tips and Tricks for Distance Learning

Ainsley Morrison, Staff Writer

As we are all getting back into the swing of the school year, it is important to take time and remind yourself that we are all trying our best! Prioritize and schedule moments for relaxation, reflection, and fun…you deserve it! Not everything should have to be hard work and focus ALL the time. However, if you do find that you are struggling to stay motivated or on track in our distance/hybrid learning environment, you are not alone! Here are some tips and tricks to staying organized and engaged during this crazy time:


  • Take breaks! Get up and move around, stretch, whatever type of physical activity you can do: This is scientifically proven to help you focus better and it will give your body a break from sitting down at the computer all-day.
  • Stay connected: Distance learning can be isolating both emotionally and physically so it is important to stay connected to both your teachers and peers! Ask questions and don’t forget to check your emails. 
  • Try and use a planner/calendar or some type of document where you can keep a running list of all your assignments, meetings, etc: For many people, having a written record of what is on their plates means a higher rate of productivity and less chance for missing things!
  • Self-advocate: Even though being online or behind masks can feel intimidating, your teachers are there to help you and want to do the best they can to support you during all of this.
  • Turn off/put your phone away during classes or while you are doing homework: Even though we all like to think that we’re capable of multitasking, your brain can only handle and process so much information at a time. 
  • Actively participate: Again, this new style/setup for learning is totally new for everyone, but the more you can stay engaged in your classes, the more information you will retain. 
  • Schedule time for homework: if you are somebody who is a known procrastinator, schedule a time where you can get your work done and hold yourself to it! 
  • Study with a friend: Even if it is a virtual study session, working with a peer makes the work/studying more fun, keeps you better engaged with the content, and ultimately beats doing it alone. 
  • Keep a positive outlook: You can do this! It might seem like an insurmountable year right now but keep working hard and doing your best, we’re all in this together.