An Unexpected Surprise This Christmas

We all look for a bit of cheer at this time of year; especially following the year we’ve had. I’m happy to report that I have found a new show on Netflix that is sure to spread some merriment this season, I was pleasantly surprised by the Netflix original show Dash and Lily; as far as Netflix originals go, they tend to be huge hits (see Stranger Things) or big flops (most of the other original content). Having said that, Dash and Lily was a delightful holiday show that I’m sure will at least entertain you for a bit, if not spread some holiday joy.


Dash and Lily consists of eight episodes that are under thirty minutes each and let me be the first to say that I enjoyed it much more than a lot of the new holiday movies I’ve seen recently. Each episode is quite short so you could watch them all in a row (I did this and it probably took around three and half hours). The setting is refreshing, especially since travel is limited this year. The show features New York City including landmarks such as The Strand Bookstore and Macy’s, which are decked out for the holidays. I felt that the plot was unique and something fun compared to many other holiday movies. The premise of the series rotates around the two main characters, Lily and Dash. Lily is unexpectedly left alone at her family’s home in New York on Christmas. She makes a journal containing challenges for the finder to complete and leaves it in The Strand Bookstore. Dash, who is also alone for Christmas, finds the journal and begins to complete Lily’s challenges in order to earn clues to her identity. The two find themselves falling for each other, despite never having met in person. The show follows their journey together. 

While I understand that the plot of a boy and girl falling in love in New York City is not a particularly new idea, I appreciate the new take on it, as it makes viewers feel chipper and jolly while watching. In addition to the storyline itself, the images of New York at Christmastime are beautiful.  Frankly, I myself am not the biggest fan of romances, but after watching one episode of Dash and Lily, I wanted more because I got into the story and was anxious to learn about the characters. The soundtrack to this show is also quite diverse, so even if the plot isn’t grabbing you, maybe the music will. 

Overall, I’d say that Dash and Lily is everything I could want in a holiday show: fun, beautiful, and merry. If you’re looking for something new to add to your holiday watchlist, I would recommend adding Dash and Lily.