Kennebunk Basketball Teams Honor Former Kennebunk Athletic Director In Local Tournament

The girls and boys Varsity Basketball teams recently both had exciting finishes to the Martin E. Ryan Memorial Tournament. It was certainly an unpredictable basketball season that simply started as online team meetings and finished in a local county tournament, which gave tribute to the late Martin E. Ryan. Mr. Ryan was a lifelong lover of sports, a mentor, a coach, and an educator. He served as the Executive Director of the Maine Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (MIAAA) for over 20 years and was the athletic director in both Wells and Kennebunk. Martin Ryan, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 73, just a couple of weeks prior to the tournament. In his honor, the girls and boys Varsity Basketball teams from Wells, Kennebunk, Marshwood, and York proudly competed in the Marty E. Ryan Memorial Tournament. 


Being able to have any sort of tournament was not taken for granted by each of the teams. With a large spike in coronavirus cases throughout December and January, for several weeks there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel for winter sports. Luckily as the number of cases dropped through the month of February, school sports were able to start up with masks being mandated. The season was like no other at Kennebunk, as students and parents could no longer watch the games in the gym, but rather at home. Mr. Ryan valued the sense of community created by sports, which was a struggle to create without our fans in the bleachers this year. Fortunately, through live streams, this sense of community was recreated. A fan base of students and parents regularly tuned in to these live streams games. In the end, both the girls and boys hosted their last games of the season at Kennebunk High school.  In two very exciting games, both boys and girls varsity were able to bring home wins in their respective games. For the girls, they had lost the semi-final game to place them in a game competing for third place, they won this game 50-36 against Marshwood. The boys won the semi-final game and were competing in a championship game, the boys won 55-53 also against Marshwood. Given that this year was a season that we thought would never happen due to the pandemic, it was an especially great way for the Seniors to end the season with both teams winning on their home court, and a great way to honor Mr. Ryan.