fem-i-nism: (noun) the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes

Ainsley Morrison, Creative Writing Editor

Due to the vast plethora of club opportunities that are offered at KHS, it is often difficult for clubs to gain new members or spread the word about the important work that they are doing. In late March I sat down to interview the members of the KHS Feminist Club, a group that is crucial in providing a necessary safe place for feminists to come together and discuss the way that they can make an impact on both our school and greater community. I was immediately surprised at how more people, including myself, were not aware of this extremely valuable resource that teaches girls in our school the incredibly important message that they can control the narrative, celebrate the strength of women without any shame, and deserve a place in our society just as much as male counterparts. By the end of just 20 minutes of discussion, the intelligent and passionate women of the Feminist Club had me hooked, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been drawn to their contagious fire sooner. Continue reading below to learn more about the Feminist Club and their essential efforts in advocating for girls and women in our community: 


What is the Feminist Club?

The KHS Feminist Club is a group of people that want to promote the concept of feminism through discussion and action in order to educate other people on the different types of issues that women face in current society. Often, it gets forgotten that although women have come so far, there is still a very long way to go. The Feminist Club aims to recognize these obstacles that women are still fighting and spread awareness of them, especially at KHS. Additionally, the club helps to break down the word feminist and the negative social connotation that it often carries, in order to help our community grow and learn together, to discuss what real feminism is, and to support and lift each other up. 


When did the Feminist Club begin/what prompted its formation?

The creation of the Feminist Club began in 2016, ultimately triggered by the election of President Donald Trump. By late November, a group of over 25 girls showed up to the first meeting, demonstrating a student need for a space to come together during a scary time for women. The creation of the Feminist Club reminded everyone that despite attempts by society to set women back, there will always be people that continue to fight forward for necessary change.


What motivated current members of the club to join?

Some of the main points discussed by club members that drove them to join Feminist Club:

  • When discussing feminism, there are so many unfair misconceptions passed around such as that it is “just for girls” or “just a bunch of angry women.” 
  • Recently, there has been a big burst of people coming together and creating groups/movements that aim to discuss feminism, educate themselves and others, and seek like-minded activists.
  • Over the past couple of years specifically, attention has been called to the continual devaluation of women especially by men in positions of power. The lack of accountability that results nearly every time demonstrates the dangerous, repetitive system of zero consequences for misogyny and sexism. 
  • The normalization of women being targeted by derogatory rhetoric such as catcalling or unjust sexualization of women in dress codes everywhere. Overall, society has consistently undermined the impact that this narrative has on the view of women and the mental health of women themselves.
  • Young girls in schools have become so accustomed to dangerous messages about the inferiority of women or the unfair societal dialogue dictating what and who women and girls should be. 


Ultimately, the Feminist Club is an important outlet for KHS students to address the societal injustices towards women that exist both in our school and our greater community.  The club works toward both celebrating women while also continuing to fight for the equality they deserve. Meetings occur each week alternating between Tuesdays and Fridays, beginning at 2:30 pm in Mrs. Carlson’s room.